-Christmas markets (Vánoční try) are a key component of the festive magic withinside the Czech Republic, and the Prague markets are the maximum fantastic withinside the country.

They mild up the city, bringing locals and vacationers collectively into a true ‘wintry weather wonderland’ setting.

The first Prague Christmas marketplace will open on Náměstí Míru on November 20, organizers reported.

The marketplace could be open each day from 10:00 to 19:00 till Catholic Christmas Eve (December 24). The commencing of all different Christmas gala’s will take vicinity progressively in November.

The biggest Christmas markets in Prague – Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square – will open on Saturday, November 26th. Due to the historically excessive traveler demand, they may paintings longer – till January 6 of the brand new year.
You can discover items consisting of hand-crafted soaps and lotions, jewelry, wood toys, ceramic decorations, crystals, scarves, and so on. The implementing neo-Gothic Church of St. Ludmila overlooks the wintery Christmas marketplace, entirely with a big Christmas tree and Nativity scene.

Food stands are supplying grilled meat or sausages; please your candy teeth with apple strudel, gingerbread, cookies, waffles, roasted almonds, and cotton candy.

If you need to choose a warm drink, pick out amongst honey wine (Medovina); mulled wine (svařák); warm chocolate (horká čokoláda); or grog, a combination of rum, water, lemon, and sugar.

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